Men's Athletic Compression Socks - Lasso Gear
Men's Athletic Compression Socks - Lasso Gear

Men's Athletic Compression Socks

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Lasso Compression Technology helps prevent injuries, improve coordination, and increase circulation. Made to be the most comfortable sock you've ever worn.

  • Lasso TrueCompression™  Built-in ankle support using medical grade compression that mimics ankle taping patterns. Helping to reduce ankle rolling without limiting ankle mobility.
  • Lasso SmartSupport™  Creates a better sense of balance and features our patented compression technology that helps to prevent plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue, arch pain and heel pain.
  • Lasso StrikePadding™  Helps to promote circulation, reduce impact vibration, boost recovery and strengthen your feet.

Learn more about how Lasso Compression Technology™ works.

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About Lasso Compression Socks

Lasso compression socks provide reactive ankle support. Helping every step feel supported and stabilized, so you can perform at your best.

  1. TrueCompression™
    Studies show Lasso's TrueCompression™ technology reduces ankle rolling by 75%.

  2. SmartSupport™
    Lasso uses SmartSupport™ in medically-backed patterns to improve proprioception.

  3. StrikePadding™
    Coolmax fabrics combined with reinforced StrikePadding™ creates a softer movement experience.

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Lasso Compression Technology helps prevent injuries and improve performance.