Compression Therapy Meets Sports Performance

Learn about the science behind compression therapy and how Lasso's graduated compression socks.


  Youth Sports
From Little League to the Big Leagues: How Kid’s Compression Socks Can Increase Performance
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As parents, coaches, and guardians know, it’s important for kids to have an outlet to blow off steam and stay active, for both their mental and physical health. Participating in team sports like soccer, football, baseball, or track and field...
  Injury Prevention
History’s Most Infamous Leg & Foot Injuries
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From Achilles to Kobe, common leg and foot injuries can often take an athlete out of the game for seasons. Training and recovering with compression socks could help prevent these sports injuries from changing the course of history.
2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Choosing the Best Socks for Gifts
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New holiday gift ideas? Lasso has you covered. Our compression socks are the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list. Find out why our socks are the only socks you should give during the holidays.
The Science of Compression Therapy and Lasso Graduated Compression Socks
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Lasso socks are some of the most scientifically advanced socks on the market. Find out how Lasso uses science to boost athletic performance and provide symptom relief for poor circulation problems.
5 Ways Compression Socks Can Improve Your Performance
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Whatever sport you are playing, it is natural to want an edge. Often though the simplest methods are the most effective, which is why you might want to invest in a pair of compression socks.
How To Stretch a Sprained Ankle
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The following stretches were put together by the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, and were developed to help restore ankle range of motion and strengthen the ankle after an injury or an ankle sprain. All of these ankle stretches...