Why Ankle Tape Could Actually Cause Your Next Injury

We've all been there before where we either had an injury we were getting over, or wanted to prevent the next injury. In most sports, the answer to this dilemma is ankle tape.

Ankle tape can be a great solution for the one big game, where you can't risk an injury. You usually sacrifice some level of mobility, but you are protecting your ankle about as much as you can while still being able to move.

However, the trap of ankle tape is that many players wear it for every game, and every practice. Sure this could help you prevent an injury, but the downside is the taping is incredibly restrictive. This means that when you are going through your typical workouts, your ankle doesn't experience the same amount of flex and movement as it usually does.

Over time, your ankle weakens from the lack of movement, and you actually create a situation where you are more likely to injure yourself.

In the long term, ankle tape is not a great solution because it is too restrictive for every day use. The best solutions to providing ankle support allow you to support your joint without sacrificing mobility.

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