The Best Ways To Stretch Your Calf Muscles

The Importance of Injury Prevention Techniques When Exercising

Athletes and individuals that regularly perform intense movements during exercise should learn some proper injury prevention techniques. It is critical to warm-up the muscles before any exercise and cool down after the activity by engaging in easy stretches.

Best Ways to Stretch Your Calf Muscles

The calf muscles are really composed of two different muscles. The larger gastrocnemius muscle is the one most individuals relate to the calf, as it is situated on top of the smaller soleus muscle located below. Begin any exercise routine by stretching out these calf muscles by walking around or performing easy stretch movements like lunges, controlled squats and yoga style movements that involve the calf muscles such as the downward dog pose. Lunges can be done against a wall, or they can be done anywhere. To hit those lower muscle portions, stand on the edge of a treadmill, box or step and gently perform heel drop stretches. Many active individuals prefer to use stretch resistance bands during stretch warm-ups. This can be accomplished in a sitting position.

What to Look for When Purchasing Compression Socks

There are some important features to look for when purchasing compression socks. Ensure that the socks are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics for more comfort. The material should be strong and provide necessary ankle support without being bulky and too constricting. Impressive performance socks like Lasso Socks are designed to protect the foot and ankle by using advanced compression technology. Look for stay cool fabric with moisture wicking ability.

Why Ankle Support is Crucial During Intense Movement

Having the right ankle support is crucial during any type of intense movements. The ankle tends to roll easily during vigorous activity, and this can cause painful and sometimes severe injuries. Lasso Socks are crafted especially for this purpose. These fabulous compression socks provide comfortable ankle area support and protection during activity and when recovering from a previous injury. Wearing lighter weight performance socks during any recovery and/or rehabilitation exercises can ensure that the injured area doesn't become further injured during this process.

Athletes and ordinary individuals that lead active lifestyles should implement proven injury prevention measures that includes remembering to wear supportive socks like Lasso Socks. Always stretch your calf muscles to lessen the risks of injury.