The Best Stretches Before You Go On A Run

Running is a popular form of exercise that can workout all of the body's major muscles groups and provide a healthy aerobic workout. It is essential to perform some basic warm-up exercises and a variety of stretches before beginning a run of any length. Not warming up properly can result in injuries that could put a person out of commission for awhile. Even if you have been running for a long time, a proper warm-up and cool down routine is critical.

Best Pre-run Stretch Strategy

Start by stretching out your major muscle groups. Movements should be slow and measured. Do gentle circles with joints like hips, shoulders, ankles and neck. Flex knees without putting too much pressure at first. Yoga type moves are excellent for this type of routine. Pay attention to keeping your body in the correct alignment. Do a set of repetitions for each large muscle group. Focus on your buttocks/glutes, hamstrings, calves, hips and quads. Then add some abdominal moves. Gently stretch out back, and move side to side.

Your Warm-Up Routine is Crucial for Injury Prevention

Running late, and thinking about skipping your stretch routine? Think again. Neglecting this important practice is a major cause of run related injuries. Just like a car engine or any machine, your body works better by warming up first. Do squats, lunges and abdominal pulls. Then focus on performing dynamic stretches that take body parts and joints through full rotations rather than doing standard static type moves. Always wear the proper clothing, shoes and other protective gear to lesson the chances of incurring an injury. Consider giving your ankle more support by donning compression socks made with ankle support technology.

Consider Utilizing Innovative Performance Socks

There are exciting new protective wear items especially designed for running. Many top athletes tape their ankles with medical tape to give an extra boost of stability and support. This may impede the movements necessary for many runners. Look for newer compression socks that fit well, are comfy, have moisture licking properties and offer targeted ankle support for impressive injury prevention. These socks should feel good rather than confining. Lasso socks offer a thin material that is still strong and boosts circulation. Remember to also perform cool down movements when ending your exercise. Read more about Lasso socks by accessing online.