Kinesio Tape Alternative as Possible Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Written by director of engineering, Tyler Harmon.


It’s incredible, the extra applications of a technology that were not even considered during its original development. Much like the divergent applications of blockchain and RFID technology paradigms that have arisen after their initial introduction into the market, Lasso Gear Socks are showing more possible uses every time I see them used in the field. As part of our research efforts at BWHealth and as a means of stress testing the technology with high level athletes, BWHealth has been giving Lasso Gear Socks to young, high performing athletes across several sports. During this outreach, I’ve been reaching back out and following up with the athletes using the product. This past week I found a very unexpected result.

A young defensive back training for this year’s NFL Combine told me that the sock was helping his nagging foot injury. This kid was a tough dude, had played through the pain all year, so if he was saying it gave him relief and helped him to keep training, it must have been a tremendous impact. If it had helped just 5 or 10 percent, a guy with his pain tolerance would NOT have noticed it. But he went out of his way to talk with me about the injury, describe the symptoms, and explain how the injury first presented. Obligatory, ‘I am not a doctor’, but these symptoms sounded incredibly similar to plantar fasciitis. While developing the prototypes of Lasso Gear, I had theorized that it may provide extra support and possible pain relief for those with plantars fasciitis but had never seen it do so in the field. Because we’re athlete centric and our relationship with everybody who uses our product drives our updates and development, I’m going to work a study into plantar fasciitis pain relief into our research pipeline.

While this is a simple anecdote, an n of one, and in no way enough to claim we can definitively alleviate plantar fasciitis symptoms, it’s amazing to see the extra unexpected ways the Lasso Gear Socks can help people. The warmth and appreciation from this young athlete has made all the hard work on the product worth it. Hopefully he is just one of many to find extra and unexpected ways Lasso Gear Socks can help people feel better and perform better. Feel free to tell us how your Lasso Gear Socks have helped you in a way you didn’t expect and we’ll get to work trying to prove the science behind your experience! Thanks for reading and for being a part of the Lasso Revolution in Movement!