Integrating Lasso into My Own Olympic Injury Care as an Ankle Brace Alternative

Written by director of engineering, Tyler Harmon.


All of us who work here at BWHealth are into sports. Whether we play them or just love watching them, Athletics are a key part of our company culture. So this has made the Olympics a central part of our water cooler discussions. I’m a larger dude so the guys in the office were a bit taken aback when I mentioned that I participate in an Olympic sport as a hobby. But when I specified that I love to do Olympic lifts in the weight room they looked a lot less queasy.

I use Lasso Gear Socks every time I do Olympic lifts such as power cleans, clean and jerks, and clean-squat-press. I’ve recently taken a step back from heavier working sets to focus on form after getting notes from a new trainer. I’ve started working with much lighter weight and a lot more repetitions per set. This has led to a great integration of cardio into my workouts but on the downside, I’m stress cycling my ligaments MUCH more than I was previously. I used to wear ankle sleeves or braces during these lifts until last year when I corrected some ankle issues by changing up my cardio routine and losing some weight. I used them mostly as a comfort to myself due to some old foot and ankle injuries. Like a lot of ex offensive linemen, I tend to pronate on the outside of my feet and stress those outer ankle ligaments. But now that I’m healthier and my form is better I don’t feel the need for such intense immobilization.

So I was finally able to lift without the braces and I felt like I was better able to align my joints during my lifts. My knee and hip positions felt more natural and were easier to correct now that my ankles weren’t fixed in place with a brace. It makes sense biomechanically because fixing those joints in place displaces forces and moments that would normally be dampened at the ankle to the knees and hips. But I still wanted that feeling of support with some added flexibility. This was a part of my inspiration for the Lasso Gear Socks during early development. So ever since we got the first Lasso Gear Socks prototypes, I’ve been wearing them when I lift. I feel so much more comfortable than lifting with naked ankles and I’ve continued to improve form partially thanks to the new flexibility.

As always, this is an n of one and an anecdote which shouldn’t be extrapolated to everybody. I have no qualms with accepting that this product may not have the same impact on everybody as it does on me. Listen to your doctors and physical therapist over any blog posts or ads on the internet. But if you like the feel and comfort of compression while your active, Lasso Gear Socks might be a great thing for you to try. As I’ve said in my other post we’ve been finding more and more ways that Lasso Gear can help people. What Olympic Sports do you do or would you like to try? How do you think Lasso Gear could help you perform them better? As always, thanks for reading and reach out to us if you ever have questions!