How my Athletic Recovery Socks Helped me Become a Better Teacher

Written by director of engineering, Tyler Harmon.

My mother is a NICU nurse up in rural northeast Georgia and we have very very different experiences at work. But recently we’ve had one thing in common: we’re on our feet a lot. I’ve started giving lectures and random talks about entrepreneurship and about the Lasso Gear Socks as a product. This can lead to some days where I’m on my feet lecturing for hours at a time and answering questions. I have a bit of a tick when I lecture. I tend to pace. When catching up with my mom one day, I was commiserating about the aching in my feet. This never happened before I started lecturing so much so I couldn’t imagine how she felt after an 8 hour shift at the hospital! That’s when she told me about how the Lasso Gear Socks I gave her were helping with just that! They helped her not feel  as sore as she used to after back to back days at work. I hadn’t even considered that benefit! So the next time I was scheduled for a long day of lectures, this time to a group of incoming NFL athletes and then my interns, I put on my Lassos. The difference was striking! The players commented on how energetic and enthusiastic I was and how it really drew them in to what I had to say. My interns didn’t really notice because I’m always peppy with them. Working with young engineers and teaching them things I would want to learn just makes me excited no matter how much my feet hurt. But after that day, I know I need to keep my Lassos handy whenever I teach for long periods of time. It seems to me that no matter whether you’re on your feet all day or at an office desk all day, Lassos have a way to help. Those of you with super active, on your feet jobs, have Lasso Gear Socks helped with your foot pain? Let us know so we can keep coming up with better ways to help!