Can My Kinesio Tape Alternative Socks also be Recovery Socks?

Written by director of engineering, Tyler Harmon.


Due to the nature of my business, I’m on the road a good bit. Being a part of a lean startup means I have to wear a lot of hats. I’m on the road checking on patients; I’m on planes to factories; I’m riding the train to and from meetings around the city. And to top it all off. I’m sitting in the office at my computer a lot of the time as well. And I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to do a lot of going. I’m starting to understand why one of the CFO’s in our office paces a lot. It’s just difficult to get up and be in motion throughout the day in an office.

This has always led to fear of one particular pathology for me: blood clots. Blood clots are a symptom of poor circulation and pooling in the lower extremities. I could go into the fluid mechanics of how blood can actually coagulate in the veins but I’ll save that for a different, more academic post. My father/physician has me scared to death of this happening to me as he’s seen it in so many of his patients with sedentary lifestyles like an office job. These can be gruesome pathologies that cause strokes, heart disease, and possibly even death. Anything that can help me avoid this even as a daily routine is worthwhile in my eyes. Graduated compression in socks.

Enter: Lasso Gear Socks. When I first designed them, the pressure being greater at the bottom than at the top was a design choice motivated by stabilization rather than by a desire to make it a recovery sock. But I’ll be damned if the things don’t do just that. After talking with physicians about the product during the design phase, they emphasized how this may be its best unintended feature. Conversations with manufacturers producing normal recovery compression socks have also confirmed this. Graduated compression in the lower leg is one of the best mechanisms for preventing blood pooling and possible clots. It looks like we’ve found another unexpected Lasso benefit. I’m still working on the long term experiments to verify this benefit as a claim and it could very well just be a placebo effect for myself. But I feel confident in our product and it makes me feel a ton better when I wear them while traveling. Let me know what your results have been and if they help you feel better after sitting for too long or being on a long flight! Thanks for reading. I’m gonna take a break and go for a walk!