3 Great Ways To Stretch Your Hamstrings

  1. Modified Lunge Techniques to Stretch Your Hamstrings


Lunges are terrific ways to stretch out those hamstring muscles easily. This can be done while standing in front of a wall or while performing basic yoga routines. This move can be simply modified to target those tight hamstrings. Begin by standing with feet close together, then lunge back with right leg while twisting upper torso to the side. Repeat using other leg.


  1. Sit All Day Hamstring Moves for Future Injury Prevention


Many people must spend a lot of time sitting down. This is common for those that have office jobs. Staying seated all day without periods of movement can stiffen knees, hips and back, and this sedentary position will tighten muscles groups like hamstrings. It is wise to invest in better quality compression socks to increase lower leg blood circulation and as an injury prevention method. There are some excellent yoga style exercises and stretches designed to be performed while seated at a desk. Sit comfortably and lift one leg until it is parallel to the floor. Gently inhale and stretch your arms with slightly rounded back towards lower calves and feet. For a more intense hamstring stretch, keep your back straight while performing this move. Leg circles, arm stretches and other poses can be done while seated.


  1. More Ways to Properly Stretch Your Hamstrings


There are plenty of other great ways to properly stretch your hamstrings that can be done while sitting, on a floor mat or while walking. Wearing the right type of performance socks can protect injury prone ankles by gently providing support. While doing hamstring stretches, it is very important to ensure secure ankle support throughout the motions. A simple way to do this is to put on performance socks that feature a lightweight design and gentle ankle support. Many athletes and outdoor loving individuals have come to appreciate the use of compression socks like lasso socks for example.


There are more ways to ensure that your tight hamstrings do not lead to injury or further pain. Taking a work break to walk around and/or perform simple stretch exercises can loosen up tightened muscles and relieve stiff joint pain. Yoga poses can give hamstring muscles gentle stretch to relieve aggravating symptoms of muscle aches, joint stiffness or back pain. Customers are finding that Lasso Socks have an edge over other commonplace compression socks due to this brand's ingenious fabric compression technology.