3 Awesome Stretches For Your Hip Flexors

1. Gentle Hip Flexor Stretches Designed as Injury Prevention Measures

Your hips need a little TLC before, during and after any type of intense movement like sports, exercise routines or dance moves. There are many excellent moves that gently stretches these flexor muscles in the hip area. Perform simple hip rotations while standing comfortably without straining back or abdomen. Gently do these hip circles in several sets, then rotate in the other direction. Try also modifying these easy moves by attempting figure 8 motions with your hips.

2. Deep Squat Hip Targeted Stretch Helps Loosen Tight Hip Flexor Muscles

Many fitness trainers recommend that individuals incorporate deep squats that targets the hip area. This move quickly loosens tight hip flexors due from prolonged sitting or other reasons. Plant hips and feet spread so knees point to opposite sides. Hands go from sides to a prayer pose seen in yoga. Slowly lower yourself down into a squatting position and hold. Gently turn head to one side and hold keeping the squat pose. Repeat with head turned the other direction. These movements should be slow and fluid. To add an extra fitness dimension, go from this squat position with fist hands on the floor up into a standing position. This should resemble a martial arts move. This added move targets the hamstrings along with those tightened hip flexors. For development of coordination and greater flexibility, consider wearing a good pair of compression socks to keep your delicate ankle area fully supported.

3. Add an Effective Kneeling Position Hip Flexor Stretch

Adding an effective kneeling hip flexor stretch is a simple and fantastic way to stretch those important hip flexor muscles. This can be done as a half kneeling stretch with one leg back with knee on bean bag and other leg lunging forward into a kneeling pose. This fluid move also stretches other important core muscle groups like the buttocks, quads and hamstrings. It is important to concentrate on keeping the body aligned throughout the motions as a practical injury prevention technique. Try this stretch with raised back stretched foot that opposite arm/hand grasps for a deeper or more intense stretch.

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