2 Must-Know Stretches For Your Quads

There are many reasons that sports and fitness trainers advise their clients to perform common sense injury prevention stretches. Severe pain and injuries can occur just be forgetting to do simple before workout stretches for your quads and other muscle groups. Professional athletes typically wear compression socks for their intense workouts. Ordinary people should also wear lightweight performance socks to limit their injury potential risks. There are two basic must-know stretches that target your quads.


  1. The Standing Stretch Move to Curb Quad Tightness


Individuals should begin every exercise routine or outdoor activity with easy stretches. To effectively target those quads, stand straight and bend back one leg while pulling up on the foot. Repeat on the other leg. Make sure that your back is straight for safe and highly effective results. Tuck in your abdomen while controlling your breathing to ensure enough oxygen to those active muscles. It is better to wear comfortable compression socks that feature cool and soft fabric crafted in a lightweight design that feels luxuriously comfy.


  1. More Simple Stretches For Your Quad Muscles


Another fantastic and simple to perform stretch for your quad muscles can be done while lying down. Lie on a floor mat or place your lower spine at the edge of your bed to do this move. Bring on thigh/knee up towards chest while breathing regularly and repeat. Do several sets on each side of the leg, and remember to keep your back straight. Take care not to strain your neck muscles during this stretch. Avoid arching the back which can cause strain on your back resulting in pain.


Today, performance socks are becoming popular with top athletes and gym trainers. These newer modes can be found in soft fabrics that have stay-dry technology and an incredibly lighter weight style. These are not those yesteryear compression socks and hose that were thick, hot and exceptionally uncomfortable to wear. Individuals searching for phenomenal performance socks should consider Lasso Socks. These remarkable socks are easy-to-pull-on and remain comfortable and dry all throughout any intense motion. Avoid wearing socks that are bulky and constrict toes. This can set the individual up for injury if the ankle is improperly supported. Remember to also perform cooling down exercises when ending any active exercise routine. Doing so can limit injury potential substantially.