Read This Before Buying A Knee Scooter

Knee scooters are all the rage, and they can be a really efficient way to move around when you have a knee injury. Today we wanted to outline a few things that you should think about before you purchase a knee scooter.

Do you have to use stairs?

It goes without saying, stairs are the enemy of the knee scooter.

Do you need to get into cars or buses a lot?

Think about how difficult it will be to travel alone if you need to put your knee scooter into your car. Make sure you have someone around who can help you.

What kind of terrain will you be on?

If you are on very uneven terrain, a knee scooter may tip, so make sure you will be using it in safe areas.

Is your injury any higher than your ankle?

And lastly, make sure you are not risking your healing by resting your knee and part of your shin on a knee scooter.